For more than 70 years, the Tennessee 4-H All Stars Program has allowed high-achieving 4-Hers to take their membership to the next level. The 4-H All Star program is the second level in Tennessee 4-H recognition model.

Like the 4-H program, All Stars emphasizes maintaining and honoring long-standing traditions, and membership is based on service.

“The All Star Program is like the next level,” says member and SEC Scout Caleb Smith. “Being an All Star member opens many doors and relationships that go beyond that of the county level 4-H.”

In Meigs County, the four 4-H All Star members are making waves of their own.

Destiny Brown, an agent through TSU Cooperative Extension in Meigs County, works closely with the Meigs County program and attributes the club’s success to their service.

“Every Easter and Christmas, the Meigs County All Stars, Honor Club and their families assist with the Operation Military Kids at the Knoxville National Guard Base,” says Brown. “Through this project they have the opportunity to help with crafts and entertainment for over 100 military families.”

This tradition is one that has been going on for more than 10 years and is a favorite among members.

The annual projects with Operation Military Kids are only the tip of the iceberg of Meigs County’s many projects.

Most recently, the county participated in a grant-based leadership program, being the first of its kind to be implemented in the county. A dozen high school juniors and seniors from across the county participated in the program that helped mold their leadership and life skills and prepare them for the future.

“Many of the students were okay with speaking because of 4-H, but there was a disconnect when it came to doing interviews and writing resumes,” explains Brown. “Throughout the process they learned the colors of leadership, went to see a college campus and housing, met government officials and learned how processes work – like a county commissions meeting – and spoke with the mayor to discuss problems they see in the community.”

The group of students was selected through a rigorous interview process in which they had to create personal mission statements and then through the program completed many community service projects.

Today, the Meigs County 4-H Program just launched OAK – an outdoor adventure club put on through the extension that allows students to experience the outdoors on a deeper level and find their niche.

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