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//Tennessee 4-H Foundation News

Remembering Greer Goddard

“The Loudon County 4-H livestock program is built on the foundation that Greer, along with her 4-H agents, helped lay. Any 4-H’er who has come through the livestock program in the last 10 or 15 years has been touched by Greer’s involvement.”


Alumni Spotlight: Corinne Gould

“4-H helped me experience a larger world. It provided me with lifelong friends and it led me to my career at TDA. I was just a little 4-Her from Rhea County. And I didn’t get it then. But I get it now.” 


Titans 4-H Day at Nissan Stadium

Over the last several years, Tennessee 4-H alumni, friends and members have had the opportunity to participate in an annual Titans 4-H Day, which includes a special ticket rate and tailgate before the game.


2018 Friend of 4-H Award

Each year, the Tennessee 4-H program recognizes a supporter who has gone above and beyond to support 4-H Youth Development. This year at Congress, we honored Dr. Joe DiPietro, the 24th president of the University of Tennessee, with the 2018 Friend of 4-H Award.