With the end of the school year quickly approaching, Tennessee 4-H is getting amped up for even more fun at the many summer camps offered. 4-H Summer Camps are a great way for youth around the state to stay involved with the program throughout the summer while learning a variety of new skills and fostering new friendships.

At the end of May, sixth through 10th-grade youth participants have the opportunity to attend the Outdoor, Wildlife, Leadership and Service Camp, otherwise known as O.W.L.S.

During camp, students will spend the majority of their days hiking, canoeing, fishing and swimming. Though campers are allowed to bring their phones, the camp is mostly a technology-free zone that allows youth to get back to basics and connect with nature on a deeper level.

In addition to the fun activities planned for each day, students will participate in some sort of work service, the ‘S.’ in O.W.L.S. that is designed to work toward protecting the local environment and help youth contribute to conservation work in their own communities.

“This camp gives youth the chance to gain a greater appreciation for nature and the outdoors,” says Neal Smith, Western Region Area Specialist. “The participants get a chance to learn life skills in a grassroots, natural environment. They leave the camp with a better understanding of our ecosystem and its importance.”

Held at Land Between the Lakes in Stewart County, this year’s camp will take place May 28-31. For more information about this year’s O.W.L.S. camp, contact your local extension agent or visit 4h.tennessee.edu.