4-H Member Spotlight: Emily Nave

///4-H Member Spotlight: Emily Nave

4-H’ers around the state play a vital role in the success of the Tennessee 4-H Club.

Emily Nave, a junior at Cannon County High School in Woodbury, is an outstanding example of what it means to be a 4-H member and the qualities one must possess to be successful.

When Nave attended her first 4-H Club meeting in fourth grade, she was already familiar with the program – her mother served as an adult leader and her older sister was in 4-H Honor Club. After that first meeting, she knew that she also wanted to be an active participant. Then, she competed in a speech contest and “truly fell in love” with the program.

With a deep history in volunteering and a service-minded wisdom that goes well beyond her 16 years, Nave felt it only natural to participate in the Tennessee 4-H All Stars. She now serves as the All Star Chief, a position also held by her sister in 2016.

“I was raised being taught to help others,” explained Nave. “I saw this part of 4-H as a way to help others and work with other 4-H’ers.”

As All Star Chief, Nave represents current 4-H members at meetings and events across the state and facilitates statewide All Star events, like the 4-H All Star High Council meeting and the upcoming 70th Annual 4-H All Star Conference. She credits these events to helping her get to know other people with similar interests.

“There is no such thing as a stranger in 4-H,” Nave said. “I have met some of my closest friends because of a conversation at an event.”

Nave is an active participant in the Veterinary Sciences and leadership projects and has been very successful in both. At the 2016 State Roundup, she won the Veterinary Science Project and received a $500 scholarship. Nave has also placed at the regional level each year that she has participated in public speaking, and for the last seven years, she has been a Top 5 Premier Exhibitor at the 4-H Sheep Expo.

Outside of her rigorous schedule balancing school and 4-H obligations, Nave is an active participant in several clubs at school, including FFA, DECA, and the debate club. She also performs in local community theater and has held notable starring roles, like Wendy in “Peter Pan.” Nave is currently part of the 2018 Tennessee Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Ranchers Choir and was a member of the 2017 National FFA Chorus as well.

In the future, Nave hopes to take what she has learned in 4-H and pursue a career to advocate for agriculture.

“I am currently wanting to major in business or communications and minor in biology to inform the public about agriculture,” Nave said.

Nave attributes 4-H Club for encouraging her to step outside her comfort zone and try new things. When asked to participate in Rutherford County’s poultry judging, Nave was hesitant because she wasn’t familiar with raising chickens, but with the encouragement from her 4-H family, she took the time to learn and poultry judging has become one of her favorite contests.

“I have learned so much from this experience, and many others, that the leaders in this program really care. What you invest in this program, you will receive back,” Nave said.

Nave carries on this generous spirit with her work in the 4-H All Stars and works diligently to inspire other 4-H’ers to get involved and give back.