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4-H Delivers

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What is the 4-H Delivers Program?

The 4-H Delivers Program is an opportunity to grow county funds through an end-of-year campaign letter. The goal is to help you obtain new donors and increase awareness of 4-H!

How does it work?

The Tennessee 4-H Foundation will complete an end-of-year mailing campaign on behalf of any county that wishes to participate. In order to make it easy and economical for any county to participate the 4-H Foundation will:
  • give counties a template letter to use
  • create a custom response form for your county
  • create an insert highlighting the county 4-H program
  • stuff the envelopes
  • pay for printing and postage
  • process all gifts

How does my county participate?

Counties wishing to participate must complete the 4-H Delivers
County Participation Form by September 29. The 4-H Foundation 
will need each county to:
  • create a list of 25-250 potential donors with addresses by October 27
  • edit the template letter (if you wish)
  • select 5 photos and 5 impact statements that you would like to highlight on the insert
  • approve the custom reply form


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